Finding The Right Agent

Welcome to lesson six. Here we will give you some valuable insight as to how to find the right real estate agent and prepare an offer to purchase.

    The real estate industry revolves around relationships and referrals. Some families have a trusted real estate professional as a family member or friend. Every one will have an opinion as to what you should do and who you should use. Aside from all that what you should look for is experience and competance confirmed by consistant results. Amazingly many people will trust their single biggest investment to some one with little or no experience.The important thing to do is to meet several different sales people and make a decision to deal with the one you feel the most comfortable with based on an analysis of their experience and ability. Don't hesitate to ask them how many homes they've sold in the past few months ? Remember a busy agent is normaly busy because their services are in demand. Once you've decided on an agent let the agent do the work for you. If there is a particular listing you want to view get the agent to make the appointment to view. The agent should be able to set you up on a system called prospecter where the computer will automaticly send you any new listings that meet your search criteria. Working together with your agent will eventuly bring you to the right house and the time arrives to prepare an offer to purchase. This is where your agents experience should come in to play. You could find yourself in a number of circumstances. If your agent has the listing it could be a transaction brokerage. A good agent will already have explained how you should approach this circumstance during your initial consultation. If the property is listed with another brokerage then your agent can work exclusively for you as a buyers agent. No matter what the circumstance here is some advice:

What price do you offer ?  Here you decide what you are willing to pay for the house and then do not make your best offer first. This way you might end up where you want to be. Remember it is all about personalities.If you offend the seller they may re-act by getting stubborn and not being flexible on price.

What do you ask for ? Ask for everything including window treatments,firewood,appliances,ride on lawn mower and etc. One thing is for sure you won't get it if you do not ask. If you are tight for money on closing (most people are) You can ask the seller to throw in the fuel oil with no adjustment on closing.This is where a good experienced sales person can be invaluable in knowing the tricks of the trade so to speak. That knowledge can make or break a sale and make the difference between you getting the house you want or not getting the house you want.