The Home Buying Process

Welcome to lesson seven. Here we will give you some valuable insight as to the two types of home sellers and how the buying process unfolds.

 When you are looking for a home to buy it is important to understand there are two types of people selling their homes. One is in the position that they are in no hurry and will only sell their home if they get enough money.The other is in a position that they need to sell their home and money is not the primary concern. You will obviously be able to negotiate a better price with the one that needs to sell. This is a good tip if your priority is a good price. The more motivated the sellers the better opportunity for a good price. Any questions email

Remember  your agent can do some research on any home you decide to make an offer on. Each property is different as to what historical information is available but your agent has access to the MLS data base and property on line the government data base to do valuable research about the property you are considering.This is where an experienced agent can truly help.Once you complete all your research (with the help of your agent) you are prepared to make an informed decision about preparing an offer to purchase.Your agent will prepare your offer using forms approved by your local board and licensing authority.Your offer will be subject to all the conditions you request such as financing,insurance,building inspection,review of property condition disclosure form (if not previously done)subject to your lawyers approval,water test (if on a well) this test could include quality,quanity and potability.septic investigation (if an on site septic) . Remember your agent can insert a clause to address just about any concern you may have as long as it can be satisfied with-in a reasonable time frame.Most agreements are structured to have all conditions met with-in 10 to 14 days.Once all conditions are met the agreement is considered firmed up or unconditional and the owner can make plans to move on the closing date you have mutually agreed upon.If the property is listed with another company the listing agent deals with the seller but in all cases the agent or agents co-ordinate the conditions making appointments,faxing to lawyers and confirming conditions have been met and the sale is proceeding as planned. Avoiding any misunderstandings is an essential part of the agents involment during the process. Any questions email . You can also call us toll free anytime at 1-866-584-1444